Our team is made up of trained professionals in the field of strategic communication and event organization. We are devoted communicators, deeply aware of the vital role of the media in present times. We focus on our clients’ strategic objectives, always having our eye on their needs and synchronizing them with the musts of their public. 

Georgiana Gheorghe, Managing Partner
I keep my feet on the ground and my faith in free will. I believe we can make things happen. I believe we all live today in the age of information, and even more, the age of informed attitude. I am aware that every one of us is the sum of its actions, emotions and thoughts and I believe that passiveness is outdated, if not destructive. Presage is about all these things. It’s about attitude, inspiration, dedication, ambition, honesty and commitment. It’s about free will and good will.
I graduated Philosophy and post-university academic studies in Public Relations and developed as a professional within the biggest and most complex pharmaceutical group in Romania and then within one of the most important FMCG multinational company on the market.
I strongly believe that my team and our competences are best premises for having best results on your investments, shaped the way you need.
In fact, your success is our mission and reason to go forward!

Adela Catalina Bulic, Group Account Director
I like heroes. I believe in magic. I collect the irresistible. I cause buzz. I create worlds. I love my life. I love my job, because it is a heroic collection of irresistible buzz
So I graduated foreign languages, I’m writing a novel and I’ve worked in communication my whole life. As an interpreter, as an editor, as a marketer and as a PR. I can smell a big hit, a revelation, a fake or a hidden gem. I have a way with words and I am a fanatic of good taste, so I’m guaranteed to do wonders for your image.

Andra Gheorghe, Consultant
After almost four years in mass-media, years spent researching, asking questions, taking records and analyzing the PR market, I now dare for more: I want to feel on my own the everyday challenges that the “creators” of reputation feel. Why them? Because they are smart, energetic, always smiling, and, perhaps most important, they  promise to be there for you,  and they really are. I wanna believe I’m just like them: eyes wide open, attentive to any detail, enjoying my work and the beautiful people around me,  moving a lot, playing a lot , always in search of that extraordinary idea. I don’t know if I chose Presage, or Presage  chose me,  what really matters is that we have clicked from day one, and I became part of a warm, ambitious, creative and efficient team. Now, all I have to do is to promise the same care, dedication and inspiration, delivered without exception or intermittents.

Horia Anton, Consultant
Imagine a Public Relations graduate who has worked in hospitality and media for the first 4 years of his professional experience. A lot of great experiences, but my dream was to perform in public relations. At Presage, I was given the opportunity to fulfill my dream, a dream that often proves unreachable for fresh graduates these days: finding the right job in their field of study. I enjoy writting, reading and  interracting with all that surrounds me. I’m addicted to adrenalin, I love challanges and taking risks and I am driven by my ambition to be the best in everything I do – this keeps me motivated. I feel like being the right man in the right place at Presage because here I’ve met wounderful, smart and energetic people who are offering me real chances for performance.
Razvan Nicoara, Senior Consultant
I have more than 6 years experience in organizational communication consulting for top Romanian companies. I have a solid expertise in media analysis and organizational communication audit. I trust texts and images more than I trust words. I put my faith in team spirit and in organizations more than in leaders or individuals. During my long years in communication I happened to witness the extraordinary situation when 1 plus 1 equaled 3. I found that extremely inspiring, and I’ve been trying to recapture that ever since. This is the reason I work with Presage.